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Welcome to my personal site on the Internet. This site is based on the Personal Web Site Starter Kit for ASP.NET 2.0.  I needed to get a site up quickly, so I could blog while in China during the adoption of my little girl. So, I'd like to thank William Highfield and his modifications to the PWSK which allowed me to make this site happen so quickly. I do plan to redo this whole site in C# when I get back from China.

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More Pictures
Hey! I finally got the rest of the China pictures up on the site (Day 12-14). I still have a lot more pictures to sift through, so please be patient. I will try and get them on the site as soon as I can. Gianna's doing great. She can sit up without falling over and she has the army crawl down. We're in trouble now. She's on the move and looking for trouble. Enjoy the new pictures and I will try and get more on the site this weekend. Love Jim, Lisa and Gianna.

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